Esade Creapolis

Esade Creapolis backs AMEC’s Positive Industry movement 

Esade Creapolis is Esade’s business and knowledge park. This hub connects talent, knowledge and organisations, facilitating innovation, entrepreneurship and business development impacting on society.
Core values
We attract and support talent in order to create new ideas and business opportunities, and to innovatively resolve issues affecting the company's competitiveness and current social and environmental challenges.
More on this
We foster interaction between organisations, their environment and talent (students, researchers, experts and start-ups) in order to provide innovation solutions impacting on society and business.

Oriol Alcoba 

Recommendation by Oriol Alcoba, Managing Director of Esade Creapolis 


Industry is a guarantee of prosperity and social progress. As a result of digitalising processes and observing the core principles of sustainability, industry generates stable, quality jobs. As a result, we need to have a positive and appreciative outlook towards the industry we seek.



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